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ATM Data Pro
Pass through fee recovery




ATM Data Pro has the ability to recover not only the network acquire fees, but also the international percentage based fees and cash dispensed percentage cross border fees as well as interchange fee decreases.
These are the fees that are eroding your interchange income and negatively affecting your profits.  As of March 2012, a STR transaction now pays... READ MORE>>





ATM Data Pro software will upload your processor daily file into a legible format making it easier to review the data and the rates being assessed for each transaction by network.  Our customized software is set up to find anomalies within the data file and generates reports that audit the data files being provided.  Our software gives the ISO the tools necessary to audit the data and... READ MORE>>





ATM Data Pro can generate an audit trail per transaction per day or per month showing your merchant exactly what is being paid and what fees are being billed.  The network acquirer fees and the interchange decreases are the responsibility of the Merchant/ATM Operator.  It is time for you to STOP paying these fees and start recovering
you profits.


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We want to show you how we have helped our clients by;

  • Managing, Storing and Updating Network Fee Increases
  • Managing, Storing and Updating Interchange Decreases
  • Audit Processor Data files to find Interchange shortages
  • Explain how billing a Flat Rate to Merchants and or Agents will cap your potential earnings
  • Explaining how passing through a flat network pass through fee for all transactions can lead to potential legal action against you
  • Show ISO’s how ATMDataPro can help them recapture 100% of the ACTUAL Networks Fee Increase AND ACTUAL Interchange Rate Decreases
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